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Blue Water Benefits Consulting LLC

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Blue Water Benefits Consulting LLC
​Blue Water Benefits Consulting LLC limits the number of agencies with whom we partner. This allows you to provide a boutique approach with little competition.

WE SELL NO PRODUCT, only provide comsulting services to enhance your relationship with your clients.

Services offered include:
- Presentations
- Agency Growth Consulting
- Compliance Consulting
- Health Care Reform Planning 
- Preparation of Model Notices
- Preparation of SPDs and SARs
- Preparation of Form 5500
- Nondiscrimination Testing
- Medical Loss Rebate Calculations
- HR and Employee Benefit Audits
- Employee Handbooks
- Business Associate Agreements
- Benefit Booklets
- Employee Education & Communications
- Health Fairs
- Customized Surveys
- Benefit Design Consulting
- Prepare Agency Newsletters
- Producer Education
Our services are solely to help you enhance client relationships and grow your business.  We work with a very limited number of agencies nationwide.  Partnering with Blue Water Benefits Consulting will make your agency unique!